For enquiries, please contact ESBPS by email:

Badgers in Trouble

Badgers in Trouble

Our picture illustrates what we have to do when goal nets are not removed or furled up at night.

We are here to help sick, injured, trapped or distressed badgers. Also tell us about dead badgers.

Please help us by giving a contact number in case we need more details.

ESBPS 24/7 Hour Rescue Service

Warwick Reynolds. 020-8688 9905. mobile: 07973 327017

Ray Ings. 01883 380321. mobile 07736 520332

Wildlife Aid wildlife hospital, Randalls Farmhouse, Randalls Road, Leatherhead, Surrey  KT22 0AL
24 hour phone: 09061 800132 (Emergency) *Calls cost 50p per min + standard network rate                


Recording Dead badgers

Phone during office hours:

Warwick Reynolds. 020-8688 9905

We do not collect dead badgers - if you cannot dispose of a carcass, please ask your local council for help.

Contacts for Neighbouring Badger Groups

West Surrey: 01483 811989

Badger Trust Sussex (Mid Sussex): 07910 198720

West Kent: 01474 703947

Other useful contacts

RSPCA 24 Hour Emergencies and Enquiries: 0300 1234 999

Police - Crime in progress or danger to life, but also live badgers in road accidents, or interference to Badgers or their setts. 999.

IF THE PROBLEM IS NOT URGENT ring 101 or phone below.

Crimestoppers - Call anonymously if you have information on anyone involved in criminal activity: 0800 555111

League Against Cruel Sports - Relies on the public to report wildlife crime. If you believe you may have important information, call their Wildlife Crimewatch Line on 01483 361108


If you come across badgers in trouble, the following gives you some advice.

There are a few do's and don'ts:

DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN DANGER. Badgers bite and although they may look docile and sleepy they can move very quickly and whip their heads round with great speed. The first thing to do is to stand back, keep quiet and assess the situation.

If the badger cannot move, DO NOT TOUCH IT - Ring our 24 hour Rescue Service. If it is in the road direct traffic round it, inform the police on 999 and Ring our 24 hour Rescue Service.

If the badger can move and is contained in a building, shut the door. Alternatively, find a piece of sturdy board to protect your legs and a broom to persuade it into a confined space. Now ring our 24 hour Rescue Service.

If possible stay near the badger until help arrives, DO NOT TOUCH IT. If it is daylight keep the badger as quiet and dark as possible. Do not talk to it or invite anyone else to look. When expert help arrives they may ask for your assistance and will tell you what to do.

The East Surrey Badger Protection Society was formed to watch over the local badger population, and to respond to any activities that may be detrimental to their welfare. We give free advice with problems involving badgers. We respond to incidents of badger digging and baiting. If you have any problems or need help with badgers, we are fully equipped with transport cages, recuperation enclosures and all equipment for handling badgers. We always have volunteers available with experience in handling badgers who are only too pleased to help.