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It is an unfortunate fact of life that badgers need help and protection. Without our efforts in looking after the welfare of badgers in Surrey and our support of the Badger Trust with problems throughout the country, there would be little co-ordinated defence of badgers. For our voice to be effective, it is important that as many people as possible become members of the East Surrey Badger Protection Society and maintain that membership. Our Officers are involved in rescuing sick, injured and trapped badgers, in planning discussions and talking to decision makers. They need to know that they have the backing of a significant part of our community.

Subscriptions and more importantly donations pay vets and finance our organisation, release programme, necessary equipment etc.

Annual Subscription to the ESBPS

Family at one address £8, Adult £6.
Please make cheque out to East Surrey Badger Protection Society.

Subscription renewal date: 1st January -
If you join after October 1st, next years subscription is covered.

Banker's order: Signing this ensures that your money helps badgers quickly.

Gift Aid Declaration: If you are a tax payer, signing this allows the ESBPS to claim back your tax to help badgers.

Please download the ESBPS Membership Form (click here) If you do not have Acrobat reader installed, you can download the latest version free of charge from Adobe. You can also obtain a form by telephoning our Treasurer on 01883 625585.

Volunteer List

When you become a member of ESBPS there are many ways you can help the Society. You may choose to be a passive supporter or an active participant. We will send you a Volunteer List and invite you to become actively involved in our work. See below for the activities that might interest you. Further support and information will be given where appropriate.

Sett surveys - Assisting with survey work as part of a team, usually in response to development plans.

Local badger recorder - Taking on a specific area and carrying out sett visits and survey work. Recorded data is then sent to the ESBPS sett recorder.

Sett warden Adopting' one or more local setts and visiting them regularly to check for evidence of persecution or interference.

RTA (Road Traffic Accident) response team - Investigating reports of dead badgers as a result of car accidents. Recording details and sending data to the ESBPS RTA recorder.

Assisting with projects involving badgers - Construction of artificial badger setts or other groundwork.

Events team - Helping to run an information stand issuing leaflets, taking membership applications and selling fund raising merchandise.

Assisting with the newsletter - Providing written articles, quizzes, poems, illustrations, photographs etc.

Other - Any attributes you may have to help our work that is not already covered. Volunteers will be supported in their work by a committee member.